23 Mar 2023

  • Moved to a new server
  • Improved image hit counter reliability (some URLs did not increase counter)

08 Jan 2021

  • Image hit counters have been brought back from the dead. They had not been increasing for ~3 months.

22 Nov 2020

  • Upload complete page is mildly less terrible on mobile (URL boxes no longer covered)

22 Jan 2019

  • Ported Firefox addon to Chrome, replacing discontinued 3rd party Chrome extension. See sidebar for link.

01 Sep 2018

  • Fixed upload error on files over 2 MB accidentally introduced since early August
  • Added ShareX support (see sidebar link)

20 Jul 2018

  • Added support for uploading and remote uploading with Javascript disabled
  • Added special gallery view for users with Javascript disabled
  • Removed Google Analytics

07 Apr 2018

  • Flash dependency for copy to clipboard removed, now works on mobile and is less broken on modern browsers
  • Copy to clipboard added to all URL boxes on /complete/
  • Copy to clipboard added to small URL boxes on gallery pages and /my/
  • Pasting an image/screenshot to the homepage no longer sometimes uploads the same image twice
  • Fixed deleting more than one image only deleting the last selected image
  • Fixed deleted images being cached and still served for an unreasonably long time